Cannerald XMAS MEGA Sale - 65% off the entire range in our online shops

by Cannerald
Posted on December 7, 2021 16:00

Dear CannerGrow Community,

it's that time again - time for an action that only Cannerald does.

XMAS MEGA Sale - 65% discount on our entire range in our Cannerald online shops!
Only while supplies last!

Some of you already know that the campaign has been going on since Monday, December 6th at 12 noon, why are we announcing this just now and not already yesterday on our blog?
Correctly! However, we only announced this on our Telegram-News-Channel

We have already asked you several times to join our Telegram-News-Channel - that's why the people who joined were rewarded and were able to buy almost the entire online shop empty. 65% off for oils, merchandise and much more!
We do not ask you to join our Telegram-News-Channel continuously to annoy you, but simply for the reason that we can reach you there in the best possible way.
We are only allowed to send you email newsletters with your consent, unfortunately they do not reach all of our valued customers.
Reasons why:

1) Because you have deactivated the email-newsletter, via which we will also provide you with information and updates on the respective grow starts of the rooms
2) You “overlook” it in your email inbox
3) Emails land in the "spam folder" in your mailbox
4) Email providers such as web, gmx, yahoo and some more often block emails and they will not reach you even though you have activated the newsletter

Therefore, we kindly ask you to join the Cannerald Telegram-News-Channel. Here you will always receive all the information, faster than on any other social media platform and better than via email newsletters.

However, a combination of these 3 points is the best way to always receive all information as quickly as possible:
1) Join our Telegram News Channel (click)
2) Activate the Cannerald newsletter in the backoffice (click)
3) Always read the blog articles on our Cannerald Blog (click)

Let's get back to our insane Cannerald XMAS MEGA Sale - 65% off everything while stocks last.

Here you get to the 2 Cannerald online shops:
🇪🇺 EU Shop:
🇨🇭 Swiss shop:

Since today, Tuesday, December 7th at 12 noon there are more specials available, but only in the Cannerald EU online shop – we also announced this on our Telegram-News-Channel

Go directly to the specials here (click)

Natural Cannabis Oil 10%

Natural Cannabis Oil 20%

Cannerald Line Hoodie anthracite/dark gray

Cannerald Line hoodie light gray

We Grow For You Hoodie Light Gray - Limited Edition

Cannerald Grinder (Acrylic)

Direct link to the special articles here (click)

Here you get to the 2 Cannerald online shops:
🇪🇺 EU Shop:
🇨🇭 Swiss shop:

Have fun shopping!

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team 🌱