Climbing to next quality level

by Cannerald
Posted on October 4, 2019 10:30

We want to give you a short overview of everything and explain the current situation in Switzerland.

After the first grow we decided to upgrade the entire factory to be able to obtain a GMP-License. What is the status in Switzerland for the GMP here, well let us explain.

A GMP-License is the highest possible license in the production space, normally companies like Bayer or Novartis are GMP-Licensed. The license allows us to sell medical cannabis to pharma companies or the government directly. There is no Swiss Cannabis producer with a GMP-License as the process is very hard and requires knowledge and money. Due to the requirements for the license, we need protocols for literally everything, we need to explain the inspector how are we cleaning the walls, racks, floors or how do our employees put on their cleanroom clothing inside the airlock! We intend to be the first cannabis producer in Switzerland, Germany, Austria with a GMP-license! We plan to obtain this license until 2021 as the inspections are done by a government agency and take some time. 

Everything that is going on right now at our factory has to do with upgrades for the GMP-License. But we are also expanding our Swiss location right now earlier than planned which means that Switzerland is growing more plants in the future for our product development/production. Due to our top tier partner Montel, Greenfox and Fluence (Osram) we are able to make sure that everything happens according to our high standard.

So what upgrades have been made in Switzerland:

  • New AC/Airflow concept.
  • A new Humidity control system.
  • New floors.
  • New walls-surfaces to comply with GMP regulations.
  • New room planning to separate the dirty and GMP area.
  • New airlocks for employees and material airlock.
  • Implementation of GMP Clean-room airlocks.
  • Updated security system.

On the picture, you see our new Quest dehumidifier units which have the power to get 256 liters a day out of the air. This allows our plants to generate bigger buds with more CBD content. You can also see our brand new and in house engineered airflow system which allows us to have the perfect control over the environment as it sucks the hot air in and cools it back down as we run a 100% loop system and do nearly do not work with air from the outside.

All these things will result in even better quality and higher returns for us as a company and you as our customers. Timeline wise we do not want to lean out too much but we know that there will definitely be plants in, in the next 4 weeks 100%.

When will the camera be back on? 
The cameras have been turned off due to the construction works they should be back online on 18.10.19.
We are also going to install more cameras for you this year!

When will be the next grow?
The next grow is planned between now and the first week of November, these delays have to do with customs clearance and the waiting game for the construction works we have no influence on. Our epoxy floor color was held by the customs for over 4 weeks for no reason which is one of the reasons there is a delay again.

We are so excited for 2020 as there are many great things going on and we as a community will grow massively as without you there would not be such a journey and every single one of you will get a piece of the cannabis industry!

Let's grow!