First official CannerGrow starter webinar

by CannerGrow
Posted on June 4, 2020 11:30

Dear CannerGrow Community, 🌱

We have some big plans for you: As announced in the penultimate blog post, we want to continue to support our community in building our amazing cannabis project: We are going to help you build your team with the help of our expert sales executives!

For you, we'll turn on the turbo mode: Of course, the webinar is not only available in German, but the following week on Sunday also in English!
By the way: You are all invited to spread the word and let everyone who’s interested as well new sales partners know about our exciting event! Let them get inspired and motivated by our official CannerGrow sales managers!

Get inspired by our experts and embark on a virtual journey into the exciting world of CannerGrow! What are you waiting for? The future belongs to those who believe their dreams - see you in the webinar!

Live webinars:
German webinar: 19:00 (7 PM CEST) - 7 June 2020
English webinar: 19:00 (7 PM CEST) - 14 June 2020


Concentrated sales power with authentic know-how and true expertise!

Our official sales managers - introducing:

Sadin Kurbegovic
Official German CannerGrow Sales Manager

Sadin is one of those people that know exactly what they want to achieve in life - and how to achieve it. The successful sales expert and online entrepreneur has established more than 10,000 sales partners in the last 5 ½ years alone and has generated an unbelievable 15 million euros in sales with his projects - and rising!

The ambitious businessman leaves nothing to chance - known for his strong leadership skills and his willingness to go all-in, Sadin gives 110 percent of himself every day. 

Yet, Sadin is not only a leader but also a kind person with a big heart: This sales expert sees potential not only in his projects, but also in the people he meets. One of the entrepreneurs greatest passions of the entrepreneur showing others the way to their own independence. He is known for helping his protégees achieve their long-awaited breakthrough -  regardless of the industry they may be in. For many, Sadin is not only a business partner, but also an authentic mentor who, with his direct approach and empathetic manner, always manages to bring out the best in his fellow human beings. 

Patrick Kogler
Official German CannerGrow Sales Manager

"Don't be an extra - play the leading role in the screenplay of your life!" - this is not only an inspirational quote, but also Patrick’s life motto. Even as a child, the hard-working entrepreneur and savvy sales manager always knew that he wanted to lead a  special life - a life in which freedom - both material and general - was paramount. 

Ambitious as he has always been, Patrick completed his apprenticeship as a retail salesman with distinction and won the Austrian Sales Champion title in the sales sector at the age of 18 and 19 years. Only one year later he got to know - and fell in love - with Network Marketing! 

The rest is history: Within two years, the young entrepreneur and expert for online and social media marketing established more than 2000 sales partners in more than 10 countries and, with consistent commitment and a goal-oriented team, managed not only to reach his goals, but to exceed them by far. And this is only the beginning!

Filip Puljizevic
Official English CannerGrow Sales Manager

Filip is the type of entrepreneur who is always at least one step ahead of the competition. The versatile businessman  set up his own business in the fitness industry in 2012/2013 and took over his father's real estate business at the ripe age of 18 years (!). With lots of hard work, talent and dedication, he helped it to achieve an incredible turnover of 1.2 million Euros in a very short time. Also, the strong-willed, young entrepreneur is known for embodying the best of both words and  combines his passionate, Croatian temperament with the ambitious, German entrepreneurial spirit. 

The versatile sales expert sees potential for success long before others can even guess at it: The young entrepreneur owns two offline companies, has rightly earned himself an outstanding reputation in the field of life coaching and is considered an emotional person who inspires with his directness. 

Even though he has only been active in the network since 2018, he has generated a turnover of a remarkable two million euros in just two years and has built up thousands of partners in the Balkans in the process. For Filip, "mentorship" is not just a word, but a promise that he likes to keep. Nothing makes him happier than seeing his team at the top!

Daniel Eckeler
Official English CannerGrow Sales Manager

Daniel is the living proof that you can actually make your dreams come true! The successful online entrepreneur and expert in the fields of distribution, sales and social media marketing emigrated to Australia in 2014 and is known to  internationally inspire people who also want to get the best out of their lives -  and, among other things, position themselves as profitably as possible on the Internet.

In the last 4 years, the sought-after entrepreneur has gained more than 10,000 customers and business partners worldwide! But the fun doesn’t end here: Daniel also generated a total of 5-10 million sales with his projects - yet for him, that’s just the beginning.

With these astonishing results on his resume, it is clear that Daniel has a high level of leadership competence and can show his business partners exactly how to successfully scale his business and generate high revenues. Yet, there is more to success than meets the eye: The successful entrepreneur knows that the right mindset is one of the most important building blocks for a successful business and manages to motivate others with a lot of authentic passion and charisma.

This successful sales manager with well-earned expert status easily lives up to his status as a role model of sorts: Nobody is better in proving that believing in your dreams actually does pay off in the end than Daniel himself!

CannerGrow goes international- let’s get started!

Your CannerGrow team.