How are the commissions calculated?

by Cannerald
Posted on March 29, 2020 19:00

Dear Cannerald Community 🌱

Since many requests regarding commissions came through the support team, here is a short explanation:

As many have already noticed, the start of our online shop is getting closer and closer, our products for sales are also being commissioned - they are sold with different VAT rates (such as 7.7%, 19%, ...).

To keep our commission system structured, clear, and above all calculable, we have decided to apply the commission to the net price in the future.
This decision will greatly ease the burden on the accounting department, as well as on you as an affiliate, and on the support team.

The net price for the plant sale is 1020€, on this price the commissions are calculated.

Why the price was raised, you can find out in the last post:

Your Cannerald Team.