Important information about the Friday and Sunday sale

by Cannerald
Posted on December 14, 2021 18:00

Dear CannerGrow Community Member,

Wow! Just amazing the sale on Friday at 7 P.M. (CET) and the unplanned launch, which we did again especially for you, Sunday at 3 P.M. (CET)!
We congratulate every individual, every customer and every salesperson.

A great future follows, a lot is on the agenda.
The topic of cannabis is on everyone's lips and we hope that our community project “CannerGrow” and our slogan “WeGrowForYou” will promote the topic of cannabis even more - in Switzerland, Germany and the EU.
We will soon be pushing our public relations work for the legalization of cannabis forward, you can be very excited about this.
In addition, after the completion of our in-house laboratory area, exciting courses and research projects will start - this will happen in 2022.

What is now extremely important, which is why we are writing this blog for you:
1️⃣ All deposits are currently being processed, please be patient.

2️⃣ Please do not ask support whether the money has already arrived, there are hundreds to thousands of bookings every day - everything that has been transferred, with the correct purpose, is booked without any problems
3️⃣ All persons who have not specified the correct purpose as the transfer subject, please contact our support in the back office with the data:
- Account holder of the sender account
- Total sent (accurate to the cent)
- Specified purpose of use of the transaction
👉🏻 Please include the title "Missing / incorrect purpose for bank transfer" in the ticket

4️⃣ All persons who have made several transfers for the settlement of one invoice instead of one transfer per invoice - or / and instead of one transfer per invoice, have made several invoices with one transfer - please also write in support with the title of the support ticket "Multi-payment"
Case 1: Example when you sent multiple bank transfers for one single Cannerald invoice:
Bank Transfer 1
Account Holder from Transfer 1
Sent amount from Transfer 1
Write the Purpose of the Transaction from Transfer 1

Bank Transfer 2
Account Holder from Transfer 2
Sent amount from Transfer 2
Write the Purpose of the Transaction from Transfer 2

--> do this for every single transfer of multi-payments (multiple bank-wires for one Cannerald Invoice)

Case 2: Example when you sent one bank-transfer for multiple Cannerald invoices:
Account Holder
Sent amount
Write the Purpose of the Transaction you put in
Write for which Cannerald invoices this single transaction is (you find the Cannerald Invoices under "Finances" --> "Order History")

5️⃣ If the plants have not been paid for (absolutely 0 sent), please cancel and with luck you have the chance to order again in the backoffice
6️⃣ If you have sent Bitcoin but the plants have not yet been booked, please open a ticket to our support with the subject "Bitcoin payment not yet booked" in the title - then we will take care of it. There is a 99.9% chance that you have forgotten to pay the blockchain fees which we do not take over (as always known and logical)

Cash payments:
7️⃣ You have 3 working days to pay, we have increased this to 4 working days out of goodwill. So please bring it to us at the Cannerald Office by Thursday at the latest. Please have your username and order number ready (ideally log in to your mobile device in the web browser and show it)
Cash payment times for the two launches from Friday 7pm and Sunday 3pm:
9 A.M. (CET) - 6 P.M. (CET) in the office, Cannerald GmbH
Kirchgasse 30, 3312 Fraubrunnen, Switzerland

"Mixed Payments":
8️⃣ You created a Cannerald order and had the idea that you only sent a partial payment and Cannerald deducts the rest from your Balance
👉🏻 Please write us a support-ticket with the title "Mixed Payment - please deduct the rest from Balance" and write us the Data:
- Cannerald Invoice Number (You find it under "Financial" -->"Order history")
- Account Holder from Bank-Transfer
- Amount you sent
- Purpose you put on the Bank-wire

Important for all people who could not order plants for 1599.34€ because they did not notice the Launch or something came up, as well as current interested parties:
Orders are often still canceled because many people have panicked and have ordered multiple times - these plants will be offered for sale again as soon as they have been canceled.
So you currently have a very good chance of buying plants if you are logged into the back office with a cozy cup of coffee, tea or mulled wine and press "F5" every few minutes or reload the page.

We will also activate all plants that have not been paid either Thursday evening or on Friday - this will probably be 1000-2000 plants which are reactivated for Sale.
So it is currently still possible to have interested parties ready for the release of these plants - the last chance for plants for 1599.34€ per plant - after that the price goes straight up to 2500€ per plant.

You will receive this information in good time, but only and exclusively in our Cannerald Telegram-News-C hannel (click) - so please join.

The common future will be gigantic!
Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team 🌱