Mother room

Here we cultivate our mother plants derived from different cannabis strains. To be specific, these are by far the most important rooms in our production - and the origin of our cannabis plants, which will later be further developed in the grow rooms. Next, we separate the cuttings from the mother plant and then transfer them to the baby room.

Baby room

In this room, the cuttings are first planted in a small rockwool block so they can start rooting as soon as possible.These cuttings are then transported to the vegetative rooms. Continuous high humidity is of utmost importance: this way, the seedlings release water more slowly, are thus less "stressed" and can fully concentrate on root formation.

Vegetative room

Subsequently, the cuttings are moved to the vegetative room:as they have already started to form strong roots, they are placed into a large rockwool block, while still remaining in the small one. In the vegetative room, the cuttings continue to stand very close to each other, but are not covered in boxes.

This is very beneficial as it leads to the formation of a microclimate between the plants, which in turn does not only have a positive effect on further root formation, but also on the plants’ growth in general. During this phase, the focus is on maximum growth and further root formation. If a plant consists only of stems and leaves (without buds), it is in the vegetative stage.

Flowering stage

In the flowering stage, the already strongly rooted and grown cannabis plants form aromatic flowers - as the name suggests. In the course of this flowering phase, the cannabis plant is "defoliated" two to three times, depending on the specific growth of the side shoots of the different strains. To be precise, the term “defoliation” means that the side shoots are cut off approximately at the lower two thirds of the plant, so the entire growth energy can flow into the flower formation. Thus, this essential part can absorb sufficient light easily.


For this purpose, the fully grown cannabis plants, which have already formed voluminous and aromatic flowers, are cut off at the stem and hung upside down on our rolling metal racks, as this is the best way to dry them. The metal racks are then wheeled into one of our many drying rooms.

Drying room

Afterward, the cannabis plants are dehydrated for about 14 days under special climatic conditions - in drying rooms specially developed for Cannerald. Through finely-tuned sensor technology and a detailed analysis of the moisture content of the flowers in our laboratory, we know exactly when the flowers have reached the perfect moisture level and are ready for the next step - trimming.

Trimming room

Here, the blossoms are separated from the plant stem by machines. Following this, the buds of all the leaves are removed. This is immediately proceeded by thorough quality control: our employees check every single flower by hand and separate any remaining leaves. Subsequently, a final quality check is implemented by the batch release of our laboratory and research manager: Now the buds are ready for delivery and sale!

Facility cleaning

During our facility cleaning, which is carried out for two to three days after harvesting, all racks, equipment, hoses, and walls are carefully cleaned and then disinfected. After that, an analysis of the germ content of the room is performed to accurately determine the success of the procedure.

Only when the analysis shows that the microbial level complies with our strict requirements, the cycle starts all over again - and plants from the vegetative stage are placed in the grow room. Thus, the next grow can begin optimally.