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as you have already noticed in the past few weeks and in the recently published video (click), the start of room Hotel and India has unfortunately been delayed a bit.

In our support, as well as with the sales partners, customers asked many legitimate questions about when the two rooms will finally start, what the current status is and in the past few weeks we have answered this every time.
You can see the current status of the rooms here:

In addition, Levin Amweg, Co-Founder of Cannerald, recorded a short personal video on behalf of the company, in which he comments on the delays and why they are unfortunately.

Same as with room Foxtrot and Golf, it is still the case that our manufacturers and suppliers cannot meet the production and delivery times, due to the corona pandemic and the actual aftermath, which still entails delays as it affects the entire supply chain has had an impact.
Thus, the production of our equipment, which we need for the commissioning of our grow rooms, is delayed.
The current status is that we will receive the missing equipment in August - we are in weekly contact with the manufacturers, who give us updates .

Room Hotel and India will start at the end of Q3 according to the current status which we got from the production companies, that we get the deliveries in August. Room Hotel in the last 2 weeks of Q3 and Room India 2 weeks afterwards.
Furthermore, plant owners in room Hotel and India get a complete grow (minus additional costs) - because we, the company, give our share of the harvest to you, so instead of half of the next grow as usual, you get the complete grow and therefore have no disadvantage.

We are sorry that this is the case, but despite accurate planning and adherence to our deadlines, we cannot help it if our manufacturers still have production and delivery problems during the pandemic, or currently in the aftermath of the pandemic.
Our parts are mostly custom-made with weeks to months of planning with these companies, so unfortunately we cannot switch to other manufacturers, whereby almost all international companies have supply chain problems with production of technical devices of this magnitude.
The lead time until the start of a grow is always the longest, once a grow room has started, everything runs smoothly. We need 2-3 grows for the coordination of the technical equipment in the rooms and then everything goes perfectly!

We are completely setup long-term, here you can get even more impressions of our company:

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Here you can see a new video about the current status of our Facility in the basement:

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