Dear Community

We come to you with an update regarding the rooms Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo up to and including room Papa.

As an introduction the following, we are building here not only an indoor production, but the largest indoor cannabis production in all of Switzerland, which will be built with an investment of over 55 million euros! On over 10'000m2 and with partly 4-story grow rooms! With the production here in Fraubrunnen, no "copy-cat" of CannerGrow can even keep up with our standard and we are at the top of the food chain. We are also on our way into the pharmaceutical field and together we are in pole position for the medical market opening for cannabis in Switzerland! Our group of companies now consists of over 850 employees! You will get more information exclusively on 25.09.2021 at our event with us in Fraubrunnen!

Room Start

Here you can find the letter from our architectural office, which is responsible for the entire construction planning. There it is described that due to the steel platform and the recooler the rooms can not start as planned at the end of September and it will probably be postponed to October. We will try to provide you with exact dates at the beginning of October.

For the rooms indicated as Q4, such as room Papa, no delays are currently expected. We will keep you posted on what comes out of the weekly construction meetings.

Construction work

As you can see on all our pictures and videos, during the week 50-80 construction workers are working on 4 floors on our construction site and doing their best to finish as soon as possible! Despite all this, we can not speed up some processes, such as objections from neighbors, or inspections by the authorities regarding our construction project. We strive to build everything in the legal way and respect the regulations of the municipality, building police, as well as the state of Bern.

We would also like to point out that projects on the scale we are building here normally take 5 years according to our architect as well as according to our engineering planning agency and we are already pushing this through in less than half the time.

As a comparison, our planning agency has equipped one of the largest hospitals with almost 15,000 employees in Switzerland with a cooling system of 2 megawatts, the commissioning alone took there 2 years and the entire project 4 1/2 years. Our cooling system will dwarf this by a factor of 3 and will be implemented in record time.

For more information visit our event on 25.09.2021, you can see the entire construction site!

The support will also be happy to help you

Best regards your Cannerald Team