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Swiss-Made Premium Cannabis of the Extra Class

Swiss-Made Premium Cannabis of the Extra Class

As experts for premium-quality indoor cannabis, we at Cannerald focus on complete adherence to the highest quality standards from the very beginning. With a total indoor production area of 15,300 m² at two cultivation sites in Switzerland, Cannerald now possesses the most extensive indoor cannabis production facilities in Europe.

Sustainability is paramount: our premium cannabis is grown exclusively using 100% renewable energy, thereby fully in line with our corporate values. Thanks to our state-of-the-art in-house research facility, Cannerald always has its finger on the pulse - and is continuously at the forefront of science and the latest developments.

How its's done


By establishing a biochemistry and biology laboratory, we at Cannerald AG invest in the future of cannabis. The laboratory infrastructure allows independent quality control of our cannabis products within the legal requirements. This ensures a consistently high quality of the products. The perfectly equipped laboratories allow basic research in the field of cultivation as well as research in the pharmaceutical field to be carried out at the highest level. This enables the optimization of the cultivation processes and the development of medicinal cannabis in a targeted manner.



The cannabis market is an area that is known to be in constant change - flexibility, resourcefulness, the necessary expertise and quick action are required here. Cannerald's expert production team is ideally placed to keep up with the latest trends and techniques in this ever-changing environment.

For this purpose, our experienced team continuously monitors all production processes and thus guarantees the consistently high quality of all our products. These are also closely monitored using GMP-certified software in order to be able to trace each batch. In addition, Cannerald will soon be one of the first European cannabis companies to establish its own GMP area for the manufacture of medicinal products.


Our Product

Cannerald specializes in producing top quality medicinal cannabis. Quality and passion are the symbiosis behind our production. Cannerald premium flowers are grown in customized environments depending on the stage, in order to achieve the highest quality and the most exclusive aromas. The quality check then takes place in our in-house laboratory area, which is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Our values at


Acting responsibly and ethically is always at the forefront of Cannerald's approach. This is why we always consider the impact of every single action we take on ourselves, our partners, and the world around us. The high benchmarks we set for ourselves are evident in every aspect of our work - as well as in the conscientiousness of our leadership.


A high level of quality is, of course, the foundation for any brand that positions itself in the medical field. Thus, our goal is crystal clear: we strive to produce the best possible and highest quality medicinal cannabis on the market for our customers. Thereby, we show our authentic intention to significantly optimize the quality of life of our target group.


We fully dedicate ourselves to the cannabis industry: This passion keeps us going and drives each member of our highly professional team to continue pushing boundaries, giving their all every day, and thus leading us to success together. Our shared passion is the powerhouse and the unwavering motivation behind our goals.


We believe that transparency provides the foundation for any form of trust. Open and honest communication is vital to building trust in our brand and product. We are committed to creating premium products that stand for transparency and authenticity.

Location: Fraubrunnen

The heart of our production is only 20 minutes by car from the Swiss capital Bern. Here we created our first State-of-the-Art facility for revolutionizing the European cannabis market.

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No matter what: At Cannerald, quality always comes first! This leitmotif also applies to our online stores, which offer everything that makes the heart of true CBD enthusiasts beat faster: Whether they are looking for classic CBD oil in a wide variety of flavors, high-quality vapes, or delicious fruit gums with that extra dose of cannabidiol - with us, everyone will find their favorite product in no time!

In addition, we also offer pre-rolls as well as CBD flowers in our Swiss store - perfect for experienced connoisseurs!