About Us

Cannerald is a Swiss-based medical cannabis research and production company. The company was founded in 2017 as a project of MSL Industries GmbH and was spun off as a separate company on 18.07.2018 as Cannerald GmbH based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

We at Cannerald put the highest quality first to satisfy our customers. To be able to ensure this level of satisfaction, we strictly adhere to Swiss quality standards while setting new standards in the cannabis industry. With various locations in different countries, Cannerald operates internationally and makes use of the various regulations and laws of the respective countries.

The company‘s goal is to educate all generations that cannabis is not seen as an entry-level drug, but to point out the benefits of the health and healing of cancer patients, to advance research in these areas and to provide people with their own products.

The Market

The cannabis market continues to develop at an ever-faster pace, and after years of propaganda and prohibition, it is now increasingly socially acceptable again.

As so often in recent times, the American continent set the trend this time, with Uruguay becoming the first country to legalize cannabis fully. After the legalization in California and Canada, the wave also spread to Europe, where Switzerland with the highest legalization is the pioneer.

The demand for cannabis products as well as the sales of cannabis is increasing from year to year. Supply bottlenecks can also occur in Germany, as Canadian companies do not meet the delivery requirements. The German market alone contains 800,000 patients, who would consume approx — 1 gram per day.


We provide all the possibilities for you to have the maximum market compatibility. We offer personal Investments, medical product, and to perform the whole consume experience that we can serve the entire market.

Cannermed is the department at Cannerald dedicated to researching, combating and curing diseases and ailments as one of the oldest crops with over 400 different active ingredients, cannabis is excellent as medicine and food.

CannerRec is for people who enjoy using cannabis to relax or just occasionally. Whether fresh top-shelf flowers, sweets, or drinks, CannerRec products are an ideal companion for everyday life. It is grown just for you.

Cannergrow aims to allow people to own a cannabis plant without having to take care of it themselves and thus benefit from the billions of cannabis market worldwide. We take care of the equipment, the cultivation and sale – you benefit from our know-how.


The four founders of Cannerald, Sascha Adrian Waeschle, Severin Jem Amweg, Levin Kim Amweg, and Maik Marcel Pietrowski founded the company intending to become Europe‘s largest cannabis producer and exporter.

Stefan Amweg
Chief Executive Officer
Sascha Wäschle
Co-Founder Cannerald
Maik Pietrowski
Co-Founder Cannerald
Levin Amweg
Co-Founder Cannerald
Severin Amweg
Co-Founder Cannerald
Sergej Michel
Fabian Eder
Head of Marketing


Swiss | UK

Location Switzerland

The plantation in Switzerland is located 30 minutes by car from the city centre of the capital Bern. On the 1500m2 there is space for our reception, offices and meeting rooms, as well as our grow rooms and the entire production line including our own laboratory.

At this location we grow and produce plants and products with a THC content of up to 1% according to Swiss law and our own high standards.

Bern Location
9.000 Plants Minimum planned plants
18.000 Plants Maximum possible plants
1.500 m2 Available area

Location Macedonia

We are in the process to build a 20.000 m² Greenhouse stepwise in Macedonia where the cannabis law is similar to Canada. Our land is located just 10 minutes from the Main Airport Skopje. The planned Greenhouse is full EU-GMP to provide medical Cannabis to europes pharma companies.

Macedonia, Skopje Location
30.000 Plants Minimum planned plants
100.000 Plants Maximum possible plants
20.000 m2 Available area

Our Partners

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