About Us

Cannerald: The innovative cannabis revolution from Switzerland

Cannerald is a Swiss cannabis research and production company that is one of the world's top one percent of all suppliers in this promising market segment. Since our foundation in 2017, it has been our mission to make premium cannabis and cannabis products of unique quality socially acceptable in Switzerland, the German-speaking countries and throughout Europe as a whole.

To turn our vision into a feasible reality, we use our position as a unique industry leader to finally bring political, social and scientific movement to the European market. We do not consider ourselves a classic company with the sole aim of maximizing profits, but as a partner and promoter of the entire industry. In this context, we offer you the unique opportunity to actively participate in the development of a new and exciting market in Europe.

The Market

As Elon Musk demonstrated with Tesla, new markets can be opened with courage, determination and a little bit of luck, and successes like these can even teach long-established industrial giants a thing or two. But as so often in the history of relevant market revolutions, Europe is on the verge of missing a great opportunity and losing out on a forward-looking industry. An industry that is not only lucrative but more importantly, able to improve the quality of life and health of millions of people by producing high-quality cannabis and CBD in unique, superior quality.

The demand for medical cannabis and hemp products, CBD, CBG, and other THC precursors is growing rapidly. Locally, the demand in Europe cannot even come close to being met in sufficient quality - even from countries such as Canada, supply shortages are currently being reported time and again. The demand for effective, medical cannabis is currently growing so rapidly that an end is hardly foreseeable.

Did you know that in Germany alone about 100,000 prescriptions for medical cannabis are issued annually and that the majority of this natural health remedy has to be imported from abroad? While the market in Canada and the USA is already highly saturated, it still offers promising potential in Germany and the entire EU. With Cannerald, we aim to seize this opportunity and tackle the European market for high-quality cannabis products, which is still barely developed. From the growth process of our plants to their harvest and processing, we have only one guideline - quality. Cannerald stands for premium cannabis that successfully and easily exceeds any given European quality standard.

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Our solutions are just as versatile as the cannabis plant itself: In addition to medical, Swiss quality cannabis, we also develop exciting and effective products for recreational users. With CannerGrow we give all interested parties the chance to participate in the lucrative and future-oriented cannabis market.

Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Did you know that in addition to the well-known components such as THC, CBD, and CBG, it contains over 400 different, fascinating active ingredients? Our goal in the medical segment of our business model is to research the medicinal plant cannabis and to fight and cure diseases with it. Also, we consider it our mission to promote the acceptance of cannabis in Europe politically, socially and scientifically.

Cannabis is not only a medical matter but also becoming increasingly popular with private consumers. By adding CBD to many household articles, such as beverages, sweets, chocolates, oils, as well as liquids, more and more private users trust in the effective cannabinoid. They also rely on the many advantages that cannabis offers them in everyday life. With our "recreational products," we are also planning the market launch of our innovative CBD and cannabis products, which will also satisfy regular users in Swiss premium quality.

CannerGrow allows you to purchase one of the limited cannabis plants without having to worry about growing, harvesting and selling. With our know-how, you can directly participate in the development of a new market in Europe - via plant cultivation or affiliate marketing. And all this from the comfort of your own home!

Our goals

As a young and fresh company that has already successfully mastered the start-up phase, we have set ourselves some ambitious goals for the future. After all, we intend to grow on various levels: In addition to our plans for our economic future on the European and international markets, our interest is primarily focused on the general public.

With our worldwide unique concept, it is our goal to transform the cannabis market for the benefit of all and convince our customers and business partners with our unique Cannerald-quality.

We prefer to let deeds speak instead of words and are committed to cannabis education in the EU and the legitimization of the plant as an accepted remedy in modern medicine. We also want to inform the general public about cannabis and contribute to this very important aspect by publishing educational blog articles, creating interesting posts on our social media channels and the participation of our highly active, dedicated community. Our objective here is to see the positive potential of cannabis finally being recognized.

Through our tireless lobbying work, we also promote the framework conditions that enable the legalization of cannabis in the EU. Ultimately, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to take part in the exciting and lucrative options that this complex future market offers.

Our promises

We take our promises seriously - and stand up for the many sick people who are offered an effective, natural alternative by using medical cannabis. That way, harmful side effects, which are often caused by pharmaceutical drugs, can be avoided.

We are also committed to the many scientists and doctors who have been fighting for the recognition of the effectiveness and benefits of cannabis for years. And last but not least, our work is also committed to you and your socially accepted access to cannabis products of all kinds. We believe that self-determination and education go hand in hand.



The heart of our project is located only 30 minutes by car from the Swiss capital Bern. Here, we have created our ultra-modern and almost futuristic state-of-the-art facility for the revolution of the European cannabis market on approximately 8500 square meters. In addition to the usual office and administration rooms, the most modern technology for growing cannabis plants has also found its way here. Having said that, Cannerald's full potential is far from being exhausted - in addition to the continuous further development of our plant cultivation, we are currently working on the GMP certification of our entire facility.

Bern Location
8.500 m2 Available area