Quality & Safety
strict controls

We are a vertically integrated medicines producer, from plant breeding and cultivation, to analytical testing and manufacturing.

Cannerald follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice). These two sets of regulations ensure quality,consistency, safety and efficiency in production and require a high level of control and traceability. In the European Union (EU) in particular, they impose strict requirements on the production and collection of medicinal cannabis.

Cannerald’s facilities and capabilities in Fraubrunnen includes:

  • 25x GACP Advanced flower Rooms
  • A CNC-Class D classified Area, including:
    • 6x Dry rooms
    • Packaging room
    • Sorting room
    • Washing room
    • Secure Waste room
    • Bucking room
    • Trim room

In all its activities, from security to the overall control and management of our production, Cannerald strictly adheres to the Federal Act on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, Narcotics Act, NarcA, from the Swiss Confederation.

Our efforts to comply with GMP and GACP standards are an integral part of our commitment to "Swiss Made" quality and excellence. It is our promise to our customers that they can rely on the safety, consistency, purity and quality of our products. This reflects our belief that the key to producing high medical quality cannabis is strict adherence to quality standards.