Packaging & Storage

The storage and packaging of our cannabis hold pivotal significance within our workflow, receiving the same meticulous care and attention that characterizes every other facet of our operation.

Our cannabis is packaged in a dedicated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) area. Within this controlled environment, stringent regulations and protocols are enforced to guarantee the safe, sanitary, and unblemished packaging of the product. To uphold its freshness and quality, we utilize specialized airtight containers that effectively shield the cannabis from external elements and prevent any potential contamination.

After packaging, our cannabis is stored in a dedicated storage area designed like a safe. This high security room is strictly monitored and alarmed to ensure the safety of our precious product. Access to this area is kept to a minimum and is strictly controlled.

Our storage area is capable of holding large quantities of cannabis. Goods worth over CHF 5 million can be stored at peak times. The size and security of our warehouse allows us to produce on a large scale while ensuring the quality and safety of our product.

At Cannerald, we take our responsibility for the safe storage and packaging of our cannabis very seriously. We understand that these aspects are crucial not only to the quality of our product, but also to our customers' trust in our brand. That's why we are relentlessly committed to best practice in this area and always strive to meet the highest standards in all aspects of our work.