Our Team

At Cannerald, we are powered by a dynamic team of individuals who bring diverse and enriching backgrounds to the table. With a wealth of solid experiences across various fields, our team is united by a shared passion for excellence.

Together, we are more than a team - we are a collective force that propels Cannerald's mission forward, combining knowledge, experience, and passion to create a brighter and healthier future through exceptional Medical Cannabis products.

Levin Amweg
Co-founder & CEO
Severin Amweg
Co-founder & Head of Cultivation
Sascha Wäschle
Co-founder & Head of IT
Stefan Amweg
Head of Technology
Atiyyah F.
Head of Operation
Tiago V.
Head of Marketing
David F.
Head of Facility
Flora S.
QA Specialist & Betmkv Responsible

We dedicate ourselves to fostering the personal and professional growth of our staff. By providing training and educational opportunities, we guarantee our employees remain current and advance in their careers. Our aspiration is for our team to find a sense of belonging and envision a lasting journey with Cannerald.

At Cannerald, our aim is to nurture an inclusive, collaborative, and warm corporate atmosphere founded on gratitude and respect.


All the energy demands of the complete facility are met through sustainable sources, precisely hydropower. This ensures the facility functions in a completely climate-neutral and environmentally responsible manner