Our history

In 2017, Sacha Wäschle, Levin and Severin Amweg realized that the cannabis market lacked serious players and set themselves the ambitious goal of producing the best quality cannabis on the market.

The beginnings were humble, but the three friends were determined. The Cannerald adventure began with a first production near Bern. Around 800 plants were planted, nurtured and cared. This first production was a great success and encouraged the team to think bigger.

The team selected a new location, right in the heart of Switzerland, in Fraubrunnen in the Canton of Bern. This was no random choice, as it offered enormous potential for expansion.

In this new location, they first rented the underground of the building, with a surface area of 1,500 square meters, and a production facility already incorporating advanced technology and a small production team dedicated entirely to the quality of the plantation. Once again, it’s a success, and the expansion gained further momentum.

Today, the facility extends to over 10,300 square meters throughout the building, including 25x Hi-Tech Flower Rooms, and we are in the process of implementing 6x GMP Dry Rooms, a GMP Packaging Room, a GMP Sorting Room, a GMP Washroom, a GMP Waste Room, a GMP Debunking Room, and a GMP Trim Room, all dedicated to producing the highest quality medical cannabis.

With constant innovation and in the pursuit of excellence, the team is writing already today, the next chapter in the journey.