Cutting-Edge LED
Technology designed
for optimal
plant growth

Light Management

Optimal lighting is a crucial factor for successful cannabis production. At Cannerald, we rely on cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to provide the best growing conditions for our plants.

Our production rooms are equipped with Fluence's Spider LED model, the best-in-class lighting system designed for efficient use in vertical farming. This technological system distributes light evenly over a very precise area and can be placed at short distance from the plants. This allows us to use several tiers in our shelves and thus make the most of the available space.

Unlike conventional lighting systems, which require several meters distance from the plant and often need to be moved down closer to the plants in the early stages, Fluence's Spider LED lamps provide constant and optimal lighting without any additional effort.

We employ a distinct lamp model for our cuttings, tailored to their specific light spectrum needs. These specialized lamps actively foster robust growth and swift root development in our cuttings, priming them for their forthcoming growth phase.

In our facilities, all illumination setups are managed from any computer, centrally. This control process is predominantly automated, with our dedicated team configuring distinct lighting setups for the various cannabis strains. The unique light requisites and cycles essential for the maximal development of each strain are considered.

Through the utilization of our cutting-edge lighting systems and our vertical farming methodology, we ensure that every plant within our facilities receives the optimal lighting conditions, leading to the cultivation of top-tier medical cannabis products.