Our approach
to sustainability

At Cannerald, we hold the belief that responsible companies have a duty to play an active role in safeguarding the environment. Our commitment is directed towards managing our production processes with sustainability and eco-friendliness.

We source all our electricity from entirely green and renewable sources—precisely from hydroelectric plants. This choice of sustainable energy not only diminishes our carbon footprint but also stands as a tangible contribution to the global fight against climate change.


Our facilities are equipped with an advanced heat recovery system. This innovative setup utilizes the heat generated by our operations to efficiently warm offices and other areas. Any surplus heat can be harnessed, stored, and even sold externally, effectively augmenting energy efficiency while minimizing wastage.


We use the power of Fluence's cutting-edge LED technology. When measured against conventional HID lamps, these LEDs showcase superior energy efficiency and an extended operational lifespan, thereby curbing wastage. Beyond these benefits, the LED lights also emit an ideal light spectrum tailored to the cannabis plant's needs, amplifying its growth and overall productivity.


We are also committed to sustainable air management. We employ activated carbon filters, which effectively eliminate odors and enhance the air quality within our facilities. Simultaneously, we prioritize air recycling, reusing most air volumes and introducing only a minimal 10% of fresh air. This dual approach not only diminishes our energy usage but also guarantees a discreet operational environment.


At Cannerald, we embrace an environmentally conscious ethos, all the while ensuring the delivery of top-tier products that meet our customers' rigorous demands.