Cannerald - the upcoming largest indoor facility in Switzerland?!

Posted on May 31, 2020 20:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

As all of you have noticed, in mid-April we started a survey about the next upcoming Cannerald site and let you as our community decide.

96.31% of you were supportive of another location in Switzerland and we have moved everything as fast as we can to make this happen for you.

We've signed the contract for the second location in Switzerland 2 weeks ago and we have to say that there is no second separate location - it is a 2 in 1 location, in the same huge hall!
We are now happy to be tenants of a further 2100m² of production space and almost 1000m² of office space for the expansion of Cannerald and CannerGrow.
Of course, this is not a short-term deal and the contracts are all for at least 10 years - we think long-term!

Here you can see some pictures:

What's the huge advantage of this?
We have interested people who want to buy the plants in our pre-sale of the coming rooms.
→ So, you can easily visit the soon to be completed planting facilities of the rooms Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and see directly how the other rooms, in which you bought your plants from the pre-sale, will look like.

Many of you have asked in the support team if after selling the plants in Echo, the sale will be finished or if there will be more rooms for sale - CannerGrow Community, we are just warming up!


When will the second expansion grows start in Switzerland?
Currently, we are still in negotiations with architects, construction companies, etc. and can't say an exact date yet - as soon as we know more about this, we will of course post an update and inform you about it.

When will the online shop in Switzerland start for everyone and officially without invite-codes?
Tomorrow, Monday, June 1st!

When will the online shop in the EU start?
To make sure that everything works without any problems, you have to wait a little longer. We are setting up complete logistics from scratch and want everything to work smoothly with shipping and delivery for perfect customer experience.
Expect Q4 to start - but we will definitely let you know a more exact date.

When will it be possible for my team and/or prospects to visit the Cannerald facility again?
As soon as the borders are open, you are all welcome to come back and visit us!
We are looking forward to seeing you :)

I have interested people from all over the world - when will there be more languages?
CannerGrow goes International! We think BIG.
We will launch more languages than any other network worldwide within the next 2-6 weeks - be prepared, we are just starting!

When can I transfer my CannerGrow plants to another person?
We're working on it, within the next few weeks, we'll add an ownership transfer feature for you - this will allow you to transfer your plants to other people.

When will there be a CannerGrow App - is this already planned?
You can already find the beta version of our app in the Google Playstore!
iOs users have to be patient a little bit longer - also other features like push notifications will be added soon.

I need help in sales and want to get started, when are webinars planned again, and if so, in which languages?
Soon, we will launch webinars again and support you as best we can!
The webinars will be in German and English.

I want to find out more about cannabis and all its positive effects, can you help me?
Cannerald will launch one of the largest cannabis blogs in the world within the next 5-6 weeks and we aim to raise awareness of the positive effects of CBD.

At the moment, we are still in the warm-up phase, most of the work is currently done in the background - soon, we will get started - CannerGrow goes international!

Your CannerGrow & Cannerald team.