How you can sell your plants back to Cannerald

by CannerGrow
Posted on June 22, 2020 07:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

As you have probably noticed during the last few weeks, we are currently moving forward at full speed. We try as best we can to implement most of your wishes and suggestions promptly and to constantly improve in order to be able to offer one of the best dashboards in the world within the next weeks or months.

Many new functions are planned for this - you can look forward to the future with us!

We have included the option for you to sell your active cannabis plants to us:
For many of you, this transparency was important. We as a company offer you the opportunity to sell the plants to us - we have now implemented this directly and while reading the article, this is already possible.

The sale of plants to us is possible after each successful grow cycle of the plant.

How is a grow cycle defined?
As mentioned in the previous post, a grow cycle takes about 2.5 months + 2 weeks drying + cure time for us.
If your plant has successfully completed a grow cycle, then it is possible to sell it to us at a fair price specified by us.
The plant owners of the Alpha and Bravo rooms can sell their plants to us now.

Where can I find the opportunity to sell my plants on the dashboard?
Navigate in the menu to the sub-item “Your plants” and click on the “Only sellable plants” slider - then click on the icon with the money and the dollar symbol.

We hope this gives you additional confidence in our company and we wish you a successful start into the coming week.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.