The most unexpected cannabis-infused products on the market


Lately our industry has seen an explosion of creativity, resulting in a market flooded with products that range from the innovative and useful to the downright bizarre. While CBD and THC, the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis, are lauded for their therapeutic benefits, some entrepreneurs have taken their infusion ideas to the next level.

Here, we explore some of the weirdest cannabis-infused products that have made their way to store shelves.

From toothpaste to deodorant, these items push the boundaries of conventional cannabis use, showcasing the plant's versatility while raising eyebrows in terms of practicality and necessity, but let's keep an open mind.

Cannabis-infused Toothpaste

Imagine starting your day with a fresh minty buzz, courtesy of your toothpaste. Cannabis-infused toothpaste claims to offer the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of CBD, potentially improving gum health and providing a calming start to the day. It's certainly one of the more unconventional ways to incorporate cannabis into your daily routine.

THC-infused deodorant

Body odor meets its match with THC-infused deodorant, which combines the usual odor-fighting properties with a dose of THC. The idea behind this product is to provide a subtle, transdermal application of THC throughout the day. The question is: is this an attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist, or is it a stroke of genius for the discreet cannabis consumer?

Cannabis sheets

Yes, you read that right. There are bed sheets infused with CBD to promote a better night's sleep. Manufacturers claim that the CBD is slowly released throughout the night to help users relax and enjoy a more restful sleep. While the effectiveness of such a delivery method may be up for debate, it's certainly an innovative approach to getting your nightly dose of CBD.

CBD-infused workout gear

From sports bras to leggings, workout gear has gotten a cannabis makeover. These garments are infused with micro-encapsulated CBD, which is released during your workout to reduce inflammation and pain as you move. While the science behind the effectiveness of CBD-infused fabrics is still in its infancy, it's an interesting concept for fitness enthusiasts looking to incorporate the benefits of CBD into their exercise regimen.

Cannabis-Infused Condiments

From hot sauce to ketchup, your favorite condiments are now available with a cannabis twist. These products aim to not only add flavor, but also a dose of THC or CBD to your meals. While certainly a great way to consume cannabis, it's worth considering dosage control before dousing your food in these infused condiments.

THC Infused Toothpicks

For those who like to keep their mouths busy, THC-infused toothpicks are available. These products claim to offer a discreet way to consume THC, with the cannabinoid entering the bloodstream as you chew. While the concept may seem odd at first, it's an inventive solution for those seeking discretion in their consumption.

And many more:

Cannabis-infused beef jerky

A savory alternative to the usual sugary edibles, providing a salty snack option for cannabis consumers.

Cannabis Vaginal Suppositories

Marketed as a remedy for menstrual cramps, these suppositories aim to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Asthma Inhaler-Style Weed Vaporizer

A discreet option for vaping cannabis that is designed to look like a standard asthma inhaler.

Weed-infused bath salts

A line of products introduced by Whoopi Goldberg, designed to relieve menstrual cramps and promote relaxation during baths.

Weed Coffee

This product combines the effects of caffeine and cannabis for a unique wake-and-bake option.

Weed Gum

Marketed as an adult version of a childhood classic, the gum is infused with cannabis for a discreet consumption option.

Weed Bacon

Taking breakfast to a new level, this product infuses bacon with cannabis, combining two fan favorites into one.

Bottom Line

Innovation in the cannabis industry knows no bounds, and entrepreneurs are constantly pushing the envelope to create unique, sometimes mind-boggling products.

While some of these items may seem more gimmicky than practical, they all serve to highlight the versatile nature of cannabis and its compounds.. As the market for cannabis and CBD products continues to evolve, who knows what other curious items will make their debut?